Federal Action

Federal Updates

Given the continued federal budget pressures on human services funding, NACHSA provides its members late-and-breaking e-mail updates on congressional and regulatory developments. This communication enables members to anticipate and act upon national proposals and keep their county elected officials current on Capitol Hill news. This site also provides links to information disseminated by the National Association of Counties (NACo).

NACo News

The National Association of Counties reaches nearly 35,000 elected and appointed county officials across the country through its biweekly County News. Click here for the latest edition of NACo’s County News.

NACHSA e-Alerts

NACHSA dues paying members receive up-to-date information on federal legislative and regulatory action through periodic e-mails from NACHSA’s Washington based staff. That information helps administrators anticipate and respond to federal proposals before they are enacted into law. Members also contact NACHSA to share important news from their state which is then shared with the general membership.

NACo Washington Blog

When Congress is in session, NACo publishes Washington updates to keep its members informed on the latest developments on Capitol Hill and within the Administration. Click here for the latest from Washington, D.C.

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